natural food

for great dogs

designed for optimum digestive health

  • Freshest, highest quality ingredients
  • Natural prebiotics and probiotics
  • Digestive enzymes
  • Joint and immune support
  • Enhanced skin and coat health
  • Cancer fighting antioxidants
  • No chicken products, ever!
  • Locally made to order in small batches
  • Never stored in a warehouse

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example ingredient list

  • Protein: veal meat, bones & organs (heart, muscle meat, veal ribs, liver), raw green tripe, eggs
  • Seafood: whole wild salmon, smelt, cod, shrimp
  • Grain: quinoa cooked in beef broth
  • Natural Probiotics: organic cashew milk yogurt, Greek yogurt, cottage cheese
  • Fruit: blueberries, strawberries, bananas, pears
  • Vegetables: carrots, celery, cucumber, bell peppers, spinach, chard, kale, collard greens, yellow squash, parsley, cilantro, kelp
  • Supplements: reishi mushrooms, cinnamon, turmeric, pepper, fish oil, flax seed meal, peppermint oil, dicalcium phosphate, vitamin a palmitate, vitamin e powder, zinc citrate, vitamin d3

How it works

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You text, call, or email me at any time. I love to talk dogs!

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We briefly discuss your dog(s) and goals as well as any dietary restrictions.

I'll quote you a price and arrange for delivery or pickup in south Scottsdale, that's it!

Frequently asked questions

Why does this cost more than my dog's old food?

The vast majority of your purchase goes toward acquiring ultra premium ingredients. There are no fillers or byproducts, only the absolute top shelf human grade foods from the best sources available. Better Liphe is a small local business without executives, marketing budgets or middleman costs.

Can I use it as a supplement or topper?

Yes! This is a complete diet and can be supplemented in any proportion. It is my opinion that ANY amount of real food is a great choice.

How long will it keep?

I offer plans as frequent as bi-monthly. Food comes packed in freezer bags and will keep for about 3 months. If you need it to last longer, I offer vacuum sealed bags for a small upcharge.

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My dog is very picky and I'm not sure they will eat this?

Dogs LOVE fresh food. That is one of the reasons I created this diet! Hunger strikes and begging your dog to eat are a thing of the past.

Why don't you use chicken in your recipe?

Chicken is the #1 irritant in dog food and treats. It's cheap and easy to source, so it makes its way into the vast majority of dog food products. I only use the most premium proteins for both their nutrition content as well as low likelihood to cause negative reactions.

When will I start to see a difference?

Most owners report better digestive health and stool quality right away! Every dog is different, but it's common to see incremental improvements in the following weeks and months.

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Customer reviews

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“This healthier diet may cost a little more than the dried or canned food but it has saved me hundreds of dollars on vet bills.”

Australian Shepherd
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“If you love your dog feed him food from Better Liphe. Your dog will love it and you will love knowing it is healthy and safe.”

French bulldog
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“Better Liphe has cleared up all of my dog’s allergies and Oscar just absolutely loves his fresh food!”

Cavalier King Charles spaniel